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Small Group Bootcamp San Diego


Are you looking for a challenge in your fitness journey? If you're ready to level up your training, it's time to consider joining a small group bootcamp in San Diego.

The SilverBack Club Private Personal Training is here to help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter what shape you're in.


Our short, high-intensity workouts are designed to target multiple muscle groups and help you build lean muscle mass.


As a former Marine and passionate fitness enthusiast, I am dedicated to providing top-quality training programs and helping you reach your fitness goals.


Reaching Your Fitness Goals with Small Group Bootcamp in San Diego

At The Silverback Club, we believe in using our time in the gym effectively. Our workouts are designed to get maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible.


If you sign up for a 30-minute session, I guarantee it will be a challenge – but you'll walk out feeling like you've accomplished something great.


Our workouts target multiple muscle groups, which help you burn fat and build lean muscle mass simultaneously.


As a top-rated personal trainer on Thumbtack, I am devoted to providing personalized fitness programs to help you achieve your goals.



Our small group boot camp in San Diego provides a supportive environment where you'll work alongside like-minded people who are all pushing towards the same goals.


I tailor my programs to meet every individual's needs, so regardless of your fitness level, you will benefit from training at The SilverBack Club.


Unlike other boot camps that focus primarily on calorie-burning exercises, our approach is centered on lean muscle gain.


We believe that focusing on building a strong foundation of muscle ensures long-term fitness success. Our slow and deliberate strength training approach emphasizes proper form and technique, which reduces the risk of injury while also maximizing your gains.


Our small group bootcamp in San Diego uses an effective mixture of Olympic lifting, key muscle group targeting, and metabolic elevation to help you tone your body and gain lean muscle mass.


Our classes are designed to do double the work of normal group classes and CrossFit, which means you'll see quick results in a short period. You'll gain strength, improve fitness, and transform your body with the help of our expert training programs.


Ready to achieve your fitness goals? Join our small group bootcamp in San Diego today!


The Silverback Club Private Personal Training provides unparalleled support and expert training programs that ensure you'll achieve your goals in a safe and efficient manner.


Our focus on slow and deliberate strength training, proper form and technique, and key muscle group targeting ensures you'll see lasting fitness results. Take the first step towards change and join our small group bootcamp today.

5205 Kearny Villa Way, Ste. 108, San Diego, CA 92123

(Cross Street, Kearly Villa Road)

Call or Text me @ 858-382-8564 CELL

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